Founded in 1998, Men’s Sheds is a non-profit organisation that’s dedicated to providing a space for retired men. Throughout its more than 1000 locations, the organisation provides a place where older men can engage in woodwork, metalwork, painting and music, or even just an environment to talk and relax in. The group also contributes to a number of other charities, schools, hospitals and parks by offering free metalwork and woodwork.

Midalia Steel sought to aid the good work Men’s Sheds were doing in WA. For this reason, we provided free steel to its Subiaco branch. With the materials that we gave, and with the help of Garry Mills and the Steelweld team who did the fabrication work, and with Azar transport who delivered it to the site, the branch was able to build an entire mezzanine floor in its shed, thereby virtually doubling its space. Men’s Sheds made the most of this new space, using it to build both a quiet room and a metalwork room.

Doug Stewart – the president of Men’s Sheds – had nothing but praise for Midalia Steel. He lauded our work as both “generous” and “impressive”. We were thrilled to work with Doug and grateful to be a part of such a good cause.